The Marian Sanctuary at Montagnaga

Nowadays the sanctuary has bocome one of the most famous and popular pilgrimage destinations in the north of Italy, as in the past the devoutness to Madonna di Caravaggio was widespread in this area. For this reason, Giacomo Moser bought a painting protraying Madonna di Caravaggio and put it on the altar in St. Anna's Church. According to the local tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared to a young lady - Domenica Targa - in the "Palustel" valley (nowadays called "Comparsa" valley, i.e. "the valley of apparitions").
This pious woman could not go on pilgrimage to Treviglio, so Mary suggested her to reach St. Anna's Church on the Ascension Day, in occasion of the setting of the new painting. As the Virgin had promised, Domenica got a sweet vision and an inner force made her repeat Our Lady's name three times. The Virgin Mary appeared 5 times between 1729 and 1730.
The village became famous as a miraculous place. St. Anna's Church was restored and enlarged, while at the end of the 19th century the villagers put a bronze, life-size sculpture in the valley where the apparition had taken place. The sculpture portrays Our Lady who appears to Domenica Targa - and a monument dedicated to Christ the Redeemer was built there, too.