San Floriano's parish church

San Floriano's parish church was built in 1487. Titianesque paintings embellish the facade; the bell tower with its beautiful wooden pinnacle dates back to 1834.

A remarkable "souls' altar" can still be seen in the church. It was realised by Andrea Brustolon (1662-1732), a great local sculptor who was known as the "Michelangelo of wooden sculpture". Like the impressionist artist he was, Brustolon treated wood as something ethereal, so the figures in the above-mentioned work are as vital as Hellenic bronze statues.

This altar represents the triumph of death, suffering and grief: Death seems to sneer at human caducity as it clutches both adult and child indifferently. Highly lyrical is the figure of Christ sweetly dying in the Virgin's arms. Two caryatids support the arches of a broken fronton on which two enchantingly graceful angels are sitting. Skulls and skeletons give the scene a highly moving dimension.