Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara, celebrated on December 4, is a strong female figure: since she refused to marry the man chosen by her father, she was locked in a tower with only two windows. Having become a Christian, she added a third window as symbol of the Holy Trinity. She was thus beheaded by her father, who was as punishement struck by lightning. As her legend is associated with lightning,

As her legend is associated with lightning, she became the patron saint of artillerymen, miners and armourers (since they all work with explosives).

Traditionally, the saint protects against heart attack, or the sudden death, feared by the Christians since it doesn't give you the time for the final confession.

Popular remedies against high pressure


Herbal tea to maintain a good blood pressure and avoid heart diseases:Per cercare di limitare la pressione sanguigna ed evitare il pericolo d'infarto, si faceva un infuso di tal fatta: a teaspoon of parsley seeds and half teaspoon of rosemary powder. Drink three cups a day in the morning, at midday and in the evening.

By G. Secco