Monte Maria


Monte Maria Abbey, lies in the green of the hills near Burgusio in Val Venosta, and is an excellent example of Romanesque style in the Alps.

Benedictine fries founded the Abbey in the XII century in the same place where a little chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary lay.

In 1647 the building had been restored according o the baroque style. However it still preserves its Romanesque portal, the stucco of the Madonna and the Child of the beginning of 1400 and the ancient crypt.

A real jewel are the frescoes Maiestas Domini and Heavenly Jerusalem in the crypt, considered to the among the finest in Europe.



  • PLACE Burgusio/Burgeis.
  • OWNER Benedictines
  • TELEPHONE Monte Maria Abbey/Kloster Marienberg
  • TIMETABLE July/October, Monday/Friday:10,11,15,16, Saturday 10,11;April-June, Monday/Friday:10,45 and 15, Saturday 10,45.