Art and Culture in Val Venosta

Marienberg Abbey (Monte Maria): Founded in 1149/50 from Ulrich von Tarasp. The first monks came from the German monastery of Ottobeuren. They made Marienberg to the religious and German speaking centre in the Rhaeto-Romanic neighbourhood. Pestilence, farmer-wars and religious differences raged several times against the baroque monastery. German monks helped the monastery to a new revival: the monastery was enlarged and the church received new baroque ornament. The main portal and the frescoes of the crypt still testimony the Romanesque period.

The town of Glorenza: is a medieval border and commercial town with its completely preserved gigant renaissance town walls and town doors and the pitoresques arcades, stately noble and middle-class buildings of the 13th to 16th century offers the possibility to revive an original atmosphere of the past.

S. Benedetto Church, at the entry of Malles, it represents a historical and artistic rarity. Its origin goes back to the pre-Romanesque period while the frescoes are dated back to the first years of the IX century. Unique in Europe is the fresco of a feudal lord who takes with both hands his sword.

Castel Coira. Castel Coira, among all the similar structures, is the best preserved one in Alto Adige. It was built between 1253 and 1259 by the bishop of Coira, Heidrich von Montfort, and 50 years later became possession of the earls of Mazia. After their extinction, in 1504, it passed to the earls of Trapp that, still today stay there during the summer. Magnificent evidence of the past renaissance art is the lobby, with arches and a three-floor open gallery. The columns, all different from each other, are in Covelano marble. Along the vault you can see the family tree of the earls of Mazia and Trapp. The walls are painted with scenes from the fairy world of Aesop. The climax of the visit to the castle is the armoury, which is the most original and wide private armoury in the world. Guided visits take place every day from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 16.30.