Taufers Castle

The castle belongs to the Lords of Taufers' dynasty. It was built in the XIII century and was transformed into a residence in the XV and XVI century. Since 1977 it has been property of the Sudtiroler Bergeninstitut Association. It consists of 64 rooms, 24 of which have wooden panelling.

In the Chapel it is possible to admire the gothic frescoes of the painting school of Pacher, dated back to 1482.
Precious is also the armoury, the big library, the Princes room, the audience room and the dungeon. Worth a mention are the refined majolica stubes. According to the legend, the last descendent of the Taufers lived a contrasted love with the chief of the guards.
Well-known is the room haunted by the ghosts where you can hear the laments of the murderer of her husband on her wedding day.

  • PLACE Campo Tures/Sand in Taufers
  • OWNER Sudtiroler Bergeninstitut Association
  • TELEPHONE 0474 678543
  • TIMETABLE End December-mid June, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday: 16; mid June-mid July and September-October: 10,11, 14, 15,15 and 16,30; mid July-August: 10,11,30 and 13-17.