Toblino Castle

This excellent example of lake fortress is remembered first of all for the many romantic adventures and tragedies of its owners. It belonged to many families in the course of the centuries, but the period when its owner was Bernardo Cles is probably one of the most famous, since he made the castle rebuilt in the Renaissance style.

The history

For its position, on a like shore, the castle had been used more as a quiet and relaxing residence rather than a military fort.

The historical origins of the settlement are dated back to the Roman colonisation and are proved by an archaeological site of the Roman empire period at the basis of the castle.

Heir of all the defensive structures -Rhaetic and Roman- the castle is strictly connected to the Madruzzo family.

From bishop fief ruled by the Lords of Toblino (XII century) it passed to the Lords of Castel del Campo (XIII century) and of Prince Captains in the XV century. Through the centuries it underwent many restorations and was renewed according to the Renaissance canons by the cardinal Bernardo Cles at first and then by the lords of Castel Madruzzo that kept it for a century.

The romantic aspect of the castle is linked to many legends dedicated to it by Ada Negri and Fogazzaro and by other anonymous ones. They state that the castle had been theatre of the tragic love of the last of the Madruzzo. Other legends wants the lake be haunted by the restless ghosts of two lover that drowned in the lake in a full moon night.
The castle is comfortably reachable by car; it houses a restaurant.

Opening times 2018

From Wednesday to Sunday: open from 12am to 3pm - from 7pm to 10pm

Closed on Monday and Thuesday

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