Tasso Castle

Castle Tasso guards Isarco Valley since the XII century and its imposing walls are still intact. The castle lies in the middle of Vipiteno/Sterzing marshes.

One of the best preserved castle of Alto Adige, Castle Tasso is considered one of the most important of the area from a historical point of view too.
The castle is worth a visit with its kitchen, the soldiers' sleeping quarter, the portico, the dungeons, the torture instruments and the Capitals Room and the frescoes and the decorations of the Green Chamber.

The castle can be visited only with a guided tour, from 5th April to 4th November.

  • PLACE: Vipiteno/Sterzing-Fortezza/Franzenfeste
  • TELEPHONE: +39 339 2643752 (8-10 am and 4-8 pm) - +39 0472 765879
  • GUIDED TOURS: 10am - 2pm - 3 pm (from July 15 to September 15 also 4pm) - Groups of 15 persons and more are requested to book ahead by phone
  • CLOSED on Saturdays (except before holidays or on special occasions)
  • PRICES: Adults 7,00 Euro - Children aged 6-13 4 Euro - Group 6,50 Euro

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