Sabbionara d'Avio Castle

This castle is one of the most well-known in Trentino, and, already mentioned in a document of the XIII century, it certainly has ancient origins. The first owners were the feudal lords of Castelbarco, among whom William II is worth a mention since he gave hospitality to Dante Alighieri. After the Castelbarco, the castle passed to the Venetians, the Holy Roman Empire, the cardinal Bernardo Cles and the family Madruzzo.

The castle, towering from a rise on the right of the river Adige, was built in defence of the lower Lagarina Valley and the town of Avio.

A visit to the castle is certainly very interesting from a point of view both artistic and historical, to say nothing about the landscape.
Much admired for its architecture, the structure unifies the typical style of alpine fortresses to the details of the noble residences in Verona.
Inside it is possible to see XIV-century gothic pictures with Verona influences in the "Love room", in the donjon, in the "Fighters' parade", and in the guards' house made by a Verona painter in the second half of 1300.

The castle belongs to the Italian Found for the Environment (F.A.I.), except the Guards' house which belongs to the Autonomous Province of Trent and the "Picadòra Tower" which belongs to the Castelbarco's heirs.

  • PLACE Sabbionara d'Avio, reachable by car
  • OWNER F.A.I. (Italian Found for the Environment)
  • Tel., +39 0464 64453
  • TIMETABLE: open from March to September: 10-18
    from October to the last sunday of November: 10-17
    Closed on Mondays and Tuesday expect holidays
    In August the Castle is open also on Tuesday

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