Pergine Castle

The turreted complex of the Pergine Castle rises at the turn of the Fersina basin and that of the Brenta on the foothills of the Tegazzo. It is partially open, a part of the castle is used as a hotel-restaurant. Since November 2018, the Pergine Castle Onlus Foundation has bought the castle from its owners, the Oss Ringold family.


The Pergine Castle appears in many historical documents of the twelfth century, which attest to its ancient origin. Built on a primitive castelliere, Pergine Castle belonged first to the lords of Pergine, later, through countless vicissitudes, to the dukes of Austria and, finally, in 1531 it passed into the hands of the Bernardo Cles Prince Bishop.

Considered as an example of medieval Alpine fortress-residence, the Castello di Pergine structure is organized on two walled sides converging the Grande Torre summit and the baronial palace.

Of great architectural value is the central tower of the castle, due to its particular Gothic structure on the previous Romanesque structure.

In 1900 the Pergine Castle, after being sold to a German company that did a rather risky restoration work, was used as a hotel-restaurant; ground floor and first floor were still accessible to the public. In 1956 the castle was bought by the Oss family.
Since the end of 2018 it has become the property of the Castelpergine Onlus Foundation.

Opening times

From April to November

How to arrive to Pergine Castle

From A22 of Brennero, exit Trento-North direction Padova. Take the SS47, after about 11 km arrive at Pergine. Follow the directions for Pergine centre: at the first roundabout take the first exit, at the second roundabout the second. After about 800 m you reach a small church. Here you turn left towards the castle.

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Pergine Castle
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