Pergine Castle

The name of this castle appears in many historical documents of the XII century, which states its ancient origin.

The castle lies on an ancient a castle which subsequently became a Roman stronghold which eventually came to the hands of the bishop-prince Bernardo Cles.

It is partially visitable, and a private part of the castle houses a hotel and a restaurant. Restorations took place in 1501-1520 and in 1908-1913.

The towered building rises between the basins of Fersina and Brenta, on the Tegazzo hill. The castle is enclosed within two walls which are joined by the upper tower (Torre Grande) and by the imposing Gothic palace.

Much important from an architectonic point of view is the central tower for its peculiar gothic structure built upon a Romanesque previous one. Pergine castle is considered a good example of alpine medieval residence and fortress.

Usurped to a noble family by the counts of Tyrol, it passed then to the cardinal Bernardo Cles.

It is now a private residence, seat of a hotel and a restaurant which occupy the rich rooms for the customers. Reachable from Pergine Valsugana.

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