Drena Castle

Castle Drena was the stronghold which garrisoned the old road of the Cavedine valley, at the foot of which there is the great slide of the Marocche. The castle lies in an area much frequented in the Carolingian period and was eventually destroyed by the French troops at the beginning of the 1700.

Arco family bought it in the XII century by the Lords of Saiano.
The castle is surrounded by a tall guibelline crenellation upon which the lone square tower rises. The donjon offers a wonderful sight on the valley and on the Marocche, the unusual rocks, modelled by the ancient glaciers, you have to cross when you descend towards Arco.

Property of Drena town council, the castle had been recently restored by the Autonomous Province of Trent. Inside there is a permanent museum of the restoration techniques. Easily reachable on foot.


Full: € 4,00
Reduced: € 3,00 ( 12-18 / over 60 / groups 20+ pers. / Garda Promotions Card)

How to get there and where to park

From the A22 Brennero motorway, take the Trento Centro exit, then continue towards Riva del Garda along the SS 45bis Gardesana occidentale. After the village of Vezzano, about 15 km from the motorway exit, take the SP 84 towards Valle di Cavedine. After crossing the villages of Calavino, Castel Madruzzo, Lasino, Stravino, Cavedine, Brusino and Vigo Cavedine, you get to Drena. Here you can park at the foot of the castle, where a short and easy path leads to the fortification.

For further information

Castel Drena
Via al Castello, 2 - Drena
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