Castle Velturno

The castle was built in 1578 under will of the bishop Johann Thomas von Spaur. Bishop residence till 1803, the castle is considered one of the finest examples of late-renaissance fortresses. Inside rooms reminds to the ancient splendours of this building.

In the Princes' Chamber it is possible to admire the precious wall inlaying, unique in their genre and the inlaid wood-work of the ceiling by Hans Spineider. The other rooms of the castle keeps other treasures and works of art, among which there are an old octagonal stove with the family coats of arms and depicted scenes from the Old and the New Testament and pictures by Pier Maria Bagnadore dated 1584.

The decorations of the interiors were made by craftsmen from Northern Italy, Tyrol and Southern Germany and no less than nine types of precious wood had been used.

  • PLACE Velturno/Feldthurns
  • CURRENT FUNCTION Events such as concerts, workshops and performances
  • TELEPHONE 0472 855525
  • TIMETABLE March-end November:10,11,14,30 and 15,30. Closed on Mondays.