Castle Scena

The original core of Castle Scena is dated back to 1346, and was then restore and enlarged in the second half of the XIX century by the Archduke of Austria, who moved there with his beloved lady for whom he renounced the throne. His successors, the counts of Meran, still live in the castle. The castle had a turbulent history. One of its famous owners, Petermann von Schenna, one of the favourites of the Duchess Margherita Maultasch, the last countess of Tyrol. During the next centuries it had been held by different lords till is passed to the Archduke of Austria.

The castle is particularly admired for the gothic Mausuleum in front of the old parish church, and the armoury, one of the most precious in Europe. Worth a visit are the knights' rooms with excellent paintings, the many art objects and the portrait gallery. Moreover, inside the castle there is one of the most complete collections on Andreas Hofer in the whole Alto Adige.

  • PLACE Scena/Schenna
  • OWNER Counts of Meran
  • CURRENT FUNCTION Classic music concerts and other events during the summer.
  • TELEPHONE 04713 945690
  • TIMETABLE Easter-November:10,30-11,14,15,16 and 17; Closed on Sundays