Castle Roncolo

The first testimonies about the existence of the castle are dated back to 1237. Family Vanga wanted to built it at the beginning of Val Sarentina/Sarntal in order to better control the area.

In 1385 it was rebuilt by the burghers of Bolzano/Bozen who decorated it with precious frescoes. It was then completely restored in the XIX century by the emperor Franz Joseph, who gave it to the town of Bolzano.

A further restoration in 2000 had brought the castle to its original splendour, reopening it to the public. The history of the castle is stormy, and after it changed hands many times, it reached its climax in the romantic period. The castle became the destination of many painters, artists and poets that needed a new inspiration.

Castle Roncolo attracts many visitors from all over the world thanks to its frescoed rooms with pictures dated back to the XV century. Worth a mention are the Tournament room and the Blazons room.
The well-known frescoes are in the Western Palace and depicts themes from the knight tradition such as tournaments, hunting scenes, ladies and knights... The frescoes had probably been painted by Verona artist in 1388. In the Summer Palace there are other frescoes dedicated to the Heroes and modified in the XVI century by Marx Reichlich.

  • PLACE Bolzano/Bözen
  • OWNER Town of Bolzano
  • CURRENT FUNCTION Inn with medieval special dishes.
  • TELEPHONE 0471 329808
  • TIMETABLE March/November: Tuesday/Saturday:10-17

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