Castle of Appiano

Imposing stone building with defensive and habitation functions. The castle was built between 1125 and 1130 by Ulrich II Count of Appiano/Eppan.

The castle's defences are among the mightiest in the land, as it had been the lords, the Counts of Appiano/Eppan until they were defeated by the Counts of Tyrol. The sight on Bolzano/Bozen and on the Adige Valley is unique.

The ruins of Castle Eppan are dated back to the beginning of the XII century. To the same century are dated back the foundation of the Castle and the Romanesque frescoes of Saint Catherine's Chapel.

Well-known is the fresco representing Saint Christopher on the outside wall of the Chapel, dated 1131, the hunting scene of the beginning of the XIII century and the scene of the adoring virgins in the altar.

The frescoes are also important from a historical point of view since they show the earliest representation of the Tyrolean Knödel (a particular kind of dumpling), a major ingredient of Tyrolean cuisine.

  • PLACE Appiano sulla strada del vino/Eppan an der Weinstrasse
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  • OPENING: April - November