Castle Ivano

Castle Ivano is one of the most interesting and most well-preserved castles in Trentino. Many local legends tell histories settled in the castle.
Documents dated back to the XII century testimony its presence. It housed people such as Eleonora Duse and the general Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa. The castle can be visited in occasion of cultural events.
Indeed it is the seat of the cultural association "Castel Ivano Incontri" which organizes prestigious exhibitions of modern art and international meetings in its halls.

The square imposing donjon in the Romanesque style rises upon the "Castello di Qua" and the "Castello di Là".
The Da Carrara coat of arms, Paduan lords, distinguishes the historical value of the castle setting it in the centre of one of the most important chapters of medieval history. At the end of 1400 it was deeply modified starting from the gothic restoration made by the archduke captains to the ones in the XVII wanted by the Wolkenstein family.

The castle is a private residence, however it houses cultural events and scientific meeting. It is easily reachable from Strigno and Ivano Fracèna by car.

  • PLACE Ivano Fracena
  • OWNER Private
  • CURRENT FUNCTION Private house and cultural centre.
  • TELEPHONE +39 0461 763432.
  • TIMETABLE Visits only for groups or associations visits subject to agreement with the owner.