Castle Caldes

This castle is a tower-house which was built by the Cagnò family in the 13th century and than transformed into a residence in the second half of the 15th century.
Castle Caldes belongs to the Autonomous Province of Trent and in summer it houses shows and cultural events. It lies close to the town in Valle di Sole bearing the same name and looks more like a large and massive mansion than like a fortress.

Its architectural style has been influenced by the late-Gothic style of the fortified mansions of the nobility living in the Alpine areas, as well as by the renovations which progressively eliminated the external walls, fly-over of the drawbridge and the external bulwarks.
According to a legend a young lady had been imprisoned in the room called "the prison", in the upper floor of the tower after she fell in love with a minstrel.

Built in 1230 by Arnoldo from Castel Cagnò, the castle it passed the to the Thuns, who enlarged its structure, in the 15th century.

Castle Caldes has been recently restored and nowadays it hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

  • PLACE Caldes
  • OWNER Autonomous Province of Trento
  • CURRENT FUNCTION Visits allowed
  • TELEPHONE 0463/901280