Bragher Castle

The magnificent Bragher Castle rises in the north of the municipality of Taio, precisely on the road that connects the village to Tres.

The name of the castle is linked to its first owner, Bragherio di Coredo, who obtained it as a fief during the XIII century.

The original nucleus of Bragher Castle consisted of the central tower, from which the road that led to Coredo was guarded; when the castle passed into the hands of the Thun family, the building was expanded and developed, until it assumed the very refined appearance that still characterizes it today.

The roof of the buildings of Bragher Castle is characterized by the so-called "scandole", larch wood shingles and, next to the ravine of the river of the "Sette Fontanelle", stands the cylindrical Torre della Pace, whose name refers to the original defense technique against enemy attacks.

In the courtyard, finally, there is the church of S. Celestino, consecrated in 1452 and enlarged in the seventeenth century, where is preserved the cycle of frescoes of the fifteenth century on the Passion of Christ, made by the artist Jacopo Sunter.

Today Castel Bragher, owned by the descendants of the Thun, is not open to the public. From the outside you can still admire some parts, such as the crenellated walls and the access bridge to the manor.