Bishop Residence

This building had been for a long period the residence of the Lords of Bressanone/Brixen. It was built in the XIII century in a decentralized position, close to the south-western wall of the town.

Its defensive function is testimonied by the presence of a moat all around the castle and by its particular position inside Bressanone.

Its rooms guest, since 1976, the Diocesan museum where pieces of sacred sculpture of the XIII century are exhibited. Among the artists there are Leonardo da Bressanone, Jörg Lederer and Lucas Cranach the oldest. During the centuries the castle had been restored several times, but it always kept its original position.

The most important restoration was made in 1600 by Alberto Lucchese: the ashlar portal, the baroque frames of the windows. The courtyard still keeps an Italian style and is closed by on two sides by three series of open galleries. Worth a mention are the statues in the niches of the second open gallery representing the Habsburgs, made by Hans Reichle in the XVII century.

Besides the Diocesan Museum it is possible to visit the chapel of the 1701 and the Imperial and Bishop's apartments dated 1710. Furnishing of these rooms are dated back to the XVII and XVIII centuries with precious stuccos, frames, ceramics and original furniture, portraits of Popes and religious motifs. Worth a mention is also the Cribs collection (visits are allowed from mid March till the end of October, from 10 till 17, and from December to January: from 14 till 17).

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