Art and Culture in the Garden of South Tyrol

Many artistic and cultural monuments testimony the eventful history of Alto Adige. In this ancient land rich in culture different populations such as Celts, Rhaeti, Romans, Longobards... lived together, and still today three different cultures live peacefully: they are the Germans, the Italians and the Ladins. Prehistoric settlements, castles, Roman ruins, Romanesque, gothic and baroque monuments, noble residences and farmers' houses testimony this exceptional past.

All the little villages and centres in the Garden of South Tyrol share a common element which distinguishes them from the other Alto Adige towns, i.e. the Oltradige Style. This particular style is indeed unique, since it joined and revised the gothic art of northern Europe and the Renaissance style of the South.
The main building element is no more the wood, but stone, just like in the Mediterranean countries. Nowadays, walking about the streets of these towns, among marble windows and doors, sandstone arches, open galleries, verandas, outer stairs and inner courtyards, it is possible to admire the details of the Oltradige Style.
All over Europe, the Garden of South Tyrol is the area with the greatest number of castles. The reason why is that, for thousand years, the most important travel route between north and south Europe passed right here. In fact both the Resia Pass route and the Brennero one meet in Bolzano and then continue southwards.