Arco Castle

The recently-made restoration has brought the castle back to its ancient splendours, giving new life to the history and adventures of the counts of Arco, its owners.
Worth a mention is the Games Room richely frescoed and the terrace with a view on Arco hamlet.

The castle towers upon the plane of the lower Sarca as far as the Garda Lake and offers to the visitors a very suggestive sight on the valleys beneath.
The castle, destroyed in 1703 by the troops of the Duke de Vendôme during the fight for the Spanish throne, is nowadays under restoration and closed to the public. It still preserves the charm of the watercolour picture by Albrecht Durer, who in 1495 visited it in its whole splendour when it still was bulwark of the bishops of Trent.

Kept as a fief of the prince of Trent for many centuries. The castle had been property of the counts of Arco. Worth a visit is the Games room with its beautiful frescoes in the gothic style.

Worth a visit is the watchtower too. Inside the tower there is a cistern in the stone, that was filled with rainwater and then piped through lead water-pipes to the other buildings. Much suggestive is the walk among the olive trees that from Arco town centre leads to the foot of the castle.

Arco castle can be visited in summer and represents a picturesque frame for music and literature events.


Full: 3.50€
Reduced: 2.00€ (12-18/over 60 ) / € 3,00 ( groups, min. 20 people )

Opening times 2018

02.11 - 06.01: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
07.01 - 31.01: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm (only Saturday and Sunday)
01.02 - 28.02: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Close: 1st november, 25-26 december, afternoon 24 and 31 december, 1st january.

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Arco Castle
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