The most beautiful places to visit in the Dolomites

Among the places to visit in the Dolomites to this day, are hidden mysteries, legends, curiosities and secrets giving it a special charm. Only by visiting these enchanting sites you can understand what we’re talking about and thanks to that you can learn more about the history that led to the birth of crafts still used in the modern era. Better not miss the opportunity to visit castles, fortresses, churches, museums, abbeys, sanctuaries, villas and palaces! Find out the offers and come to visit the best and beautiful places of South Tyrol, Trentino, Bellunese and Friuli


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The long road of the Dolomites by electric bicycle

There are several ways to explore the Dolomites: the electric bike is one of them. Even when it comes to the whole family. Comfortable and environmentally friendly, the e-bike is the right way to see the valleys,...

Nanno Castle

This castle is the most "Italian" one in Trentino, so that the legend says it had been projected by Andrea Palladio. Its imposing structure was wanted by Family Madruzzo in the second half of the XVI...

Stenico Castle

Stenico is one of the oldest castles in Trentino, and is an important example of the evolution of a stronghold. Through the centuries, the castle had became a symbol of the temporal power of the bishops, second only...