Tour of the 5 Lakes

Among the most famous excursions, and to say the truth not very binding, there is the one which winds among the mountains which surround Madonna di Campiglio: the "Tour of the 5 lakes". The sheets of water interested by the excursion (5 hours) are Ritorto, Black, Icy, Lambino, Serodoli and Nambino. The common denominators of those lakes are the glacial origin and the scenery where they lie, among majestic mountains. The itinerary, in fact, winds along the mountain amphitheatre that divides Val Nambrone from Presanella glaciers. Not so long ago, those places, nowadays hallowed to environment and excursions, had been the theatre of dramatic battles: the bloody "White War" in 1915-1918, was fought on these peaks too. In the waters of the lakes, many war finds had been found.