Lakes of the Cevedale

(Lungo, Nero, Marmotte, Caraser)

The lakes of the Cevedale are high mountain lakes, in the Stelvio National Park, near the Rifugio Larcher, all in an absolutely wonderful excursion itinerary. The lake Lungo (Long) has glacial origins. The Black lake (lago Nero) was originated by a moraine barrage, and its name refers to the colour of its waters due to the depth of the basin and to the geological characteristics of the ground. The lake of the Marmots has glacial origins too and its main characteristic is represented by the majestic peaks that surrounds it, among which there is the Vedretta from which its name comes, and its waters: in fact it is the glacier that feed it. It has a surface of more than 22000 square metres. The lake Careser, on the contrary, is an artificial basin and represents an ideal starting point for many excursions in the Stelvio National Park. It was made in the 30s and lies a short distance from Malga Mare.