Lakes of Garzonè and S. Giuliano

According to the scientists, the lakes of Garzonè and S. Giuliano were once an only basin. The progressive accumulation of debris modified the aspect of the landscape and risks condemning the littler one of the two lakes, San Giuliano, to a long agony. This one, in fact, is less deep and consequently more exposed to the risk of being reclaimed. The lakes are both in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, at the top of a side valley to the well-known Val Genova. The dimensions of the Lake of Garzonè are quite big: almost 52000 square metres. In both the lakes fish fauna is abundant. The two sheets of water are located at 1950 m among the peaks of Corno Alto, Spadalone, La Cingla and La Costaccia and, surrounded by a large pine forest, they offer a spectacular view onto Val di Genova.