Lake of Molveno

As many in Trentino, the lake of Molveno has been exploited for hydroelectric aims too, which partially modified its aspect. The lake, originated by a landslide, marks the border between this group of mountains and the Group of the Paganella-Gazza. On its bottom a whole wood has been found. It consists of a huge quantity of trunks, uprooted or broken, immersed in the mud, but there are some trees still rooted in the old ground of the wood. This wood allowed scientists to say exactly when the lake was formed, i.e. 3000 years ago. The lake of Molveno, with its surface of 3,3 square kilometres is the second natural lake entirely in Trentino territory. The lake of Molveno is well-known also for its fish, and since 1600 it has been inhabited by the salmerino fish.