Carezza Lake

The Carezza lake (from the German dialect Kar = bowl) lies in the Rosengarten Latemar area, in South Tyrol, at the foot of the famous Latemar massif and 2 km away from Passo Costalunga. This is the ideal place for hikes and walks in nature (the surrounding path is suitable for the whole family) and its colors are unique, including all the tones of the rainbow. The inhabitants of the area have always noticed this feature, and for this reason the Ladin name of the lake is "Lec de Ergobando" (rainbow lake).

According to an old legend, the Carezza lake was inhabited by a beautiful nymph, and a magus called Masarè fell in love with her. In order to conquer her, the witch Lanwerda suggested him to disguise himself as a jewel merchant and to create a rainbow going from Catinaccio to Latemar using the gems. The magus followed the witch's instructions. Anyway, he forgot to disguise himself and so the nymph was able to discover its trick: she disappeared in the lake and was never seen again.

The magus was desperate: he throw all jewels forming the rainbow in the water, and this is the reason why the lake still shines with many colors.

The pure waters of the Carezza lake come from groundwater tables originating at the top of the Latemar: for this reason, their level always varies.