The Cansiglio Forest State Reserves

Down South, where the Dolomites-beyond-the-Piave end, a huge plateau at over 1100 m is covered by a thick beech and fir forest, one of the pride of the nation. The forest used to be exploited by the most serene Republic of Venice in order to make war and commercial ships (in ancient times Venice used to call it "The (forest which provided) Saint Mark's oars"). Awaiting for a formal and well defined park to be established, now the State manages some 8 reserves, which are to be visited following well marked paths. There is a visitor centre. Apart from the beautiful forest, very impressive during the autumn, a major attraction point is the Bus de la Lum karst abyss, plunging for more than 600 m. Best is to reach the forest from Tambre d'Alpago in the North, or Vittorio Veneto in the South; the visitor should not miss the small museum deducated to the Cimbri, loggers of German origin who settled there two centuries ago.