The Bellunesi Dolomites National Park

Established in 1990, operative since 1994, this is the only national park in the North-East of Italy: it is quite vast, and may be extended, one day, in order to cover also the neighbouring Bosconero group, where we can already find a deserted valley, the Tovanella, protected: this valley must be mentioned as recently a few bears have become residents (the animals trekked from the ex-Jugoslavia).
As it is, this park includes both mountains groups above Feltre (the Vette, Cimònega and Pizzocco peaks), the wild Monti del Sole (Mountains of the Sun) and the beautiful Schiara, above Belluno, the highest peak at 2565 m. But the lowest peaks cannot be absolutely underestimated: the 2186 m high Pizzocco is easy, and it offers a fantastic view over the Dolomites and the Val Belluna, as well as the Serva peak.
Both flora and fauna of this park rank among the richest in the whole Alps. The most worthy attraction points are the deep valleys entering the park (the Mis, the Cordevole, or the Canzòi), the large Caiàda Forest close to Longarone, the forlorn houses of Gena, an abandoned village, and all the outings organized during the summer by the park authorities can be recommended