Stelvio National Park

Officially established in 1935 (even if a good management and environmental watch will start only in the 60s), it consists of Sondrio, Bolzano, Brescia and Trento (Val di Peio and Val di Rabbi) town councils. This park counts more than one hundred glaciers, which cover only one tenth of its territory. Over the years, its area increased from 953 square km to 1346 square km , and consequently the number of rifugios, visitor centres, observing areas and the animals too.

From a geological point of view the Stelvio National Park consists of a varied territory: in fact you can find eruptive and sedimentary rocks, even if the metamorphic ones, such as gneiss and granite which create a series of peaks and valleys, where water flows in the several streams, rivers and Alpine lakes, prevail.
The park Altitude is included between 650 and 3899 m (Monte Ortles); so vegetation is spread in different altitudes, changing aspect and composition. At lower altitudes there are many species even if conifers prevail, especially fir-trees and larches (higher) often associated with cembro pines.

National Park Stelvio – Trentino
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