Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

Primrose against respiratory tract infections

It is really surprising how this plant succeeds in avoiding auto-pollination, thus defending its own species at best. The process is interesting and quite complicated. There are two types of

Willow against fever and pain

The Willow-tree is a grey/silvery tree that grows along the shores of streams and rivers, near marshes and in wet woods. The willow is a tree of medium size, with a trunk covered with a pale

Chelidonia against warts and gallstones

Chelidonia, one of the earliest plants to bloom in spring, grows both in uncultivated areas and in thickets. Its vivid yellow flowers are gathered in terminal umbels and have four petals and 2

Herbs and health: natural remedies month by month

May is the first stage in our voyage through "health & herbs". Every month our botany expert will teach us to recognize officinal herbs, which can also be used in cooking and beauty treatment.

Valerian against insomnia

Insomnia is a consequence of several kinds of indisposition, from chronic diseases, such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism and hepatic insufficiency, to acute and chronic intoxication and an

Sages and Black Currant

Spring allergies: a real problem!

Ragweed allergy is an increasingly widespread phenomenon that sometimes causes severe erythema and rhinitis. It often happens that a subject cannot bear

Horsetail as a remedy for arteriosclerosis and joint inflammation

Horsetail is a unique and primitive plant with two distinctive types of stems. In spring the horsetail grows a short brownish scape with a cone-like tip containing spores. When the air is dry

K-park Monte Bondone: snowboard for children


K-Park, with "K" meaning Kids, is the new Snowpark on Monte Bondone, with a surface of about 1000 square meters, allowing children to discover one of the most exciting and spectacular winter

Ad Agordo è così by Claudio Baglioni

Agordo became famous in Italy because it was the theme of a song of Claudio Baglioni titled Ad Agordo è così, included in the 1974 album E tu, where the singer describes landscapes and habits

Castle Campo

This is one of the best preserved castles in Trentino and it is quoted in a document dated 1190 as property of the Da Campos. The poetess Ada Negri stayed here for a period. It is a private

Art and Culture in Val Venosta

Marienberg Abbey (Monte Maria): Founded in 1149/50 from Ulrich von Tarasp. The first monks came from the German monastery of Ottobeuren. They made Marienberg to the religious and German


The castle was built in 1283 on a rocky spur above the main road to Laces/Latsch by the Lords of Montalban. Inside it was richly frescoed. The XV century frescoes of the Chapel are worth a

Juval Castle

Juval Castle rises on a steep rocky spur, was built in 1278 by Hugo von Montalban in a strategic position in the middle of Venosta, Passiria and Senales Valleys. It lies at the beginning of

Castle Fontana

The castle Castel Fontana is a medieval castle which can be easily reached walking along the path taking you to Castel Tirolo. It was built in 1241 and then destroyed and re-built many times.

S. Benedetto Church in Malles

S. Benedetto Church, at the entry of Malles, it represents a historical and artistic rarity. Its origin goes back to the pre-Romanesque period while the frescoes are dated back to the first