Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

The picnic areas in Feltrino

Picnic areas in Feltrino:

Municipality of Cesiomaggiore
Place: Lake Busche
Managed by: pro loco Busche
Tel: +39 0439 391468
Opening time: year-round
Accessible by bus: yes Bar: 200 meters

The picnic areas in Falcade

Picnic areas in Falcade:

Place: playground
Tel: +39 0437 590138
Opening time: from May 15 to September 30
Accessible by bus: yes
Restrooms: yes
Bar: on-site
Trekking tours: on the trails of

The picnic areas in Alpago

Picnic areas in Alpago:

Municipality of Chies d'Alpago
Place: Cate (Cima Gardel)
Managed by: pro loco Chies
Tel: +39 0437 470193
Opening time: year-round
Accessible by bus: yes
Restrooms: no

Cross-country skiing trails

Cross-country skiing lovers can practice this sport in the forests and meadows surrounding the area


  • Falcade: "Pietro Scola" cross-country ski tracks
  • Canale d'Agordo:

The lakes of Cortina d'Ampezzo

Besides a lively, upper class social life and perfect ski runs, the Queen of the Dolomites Cortina boasts also a natural environment rich of attractions. Among these, worth a mention, and of

Legend of the Agordo lake

A legend tells that the basin on which Agordo rises was once full of water. Two parents watched helplessly as Agordo, their son, slipped into the lake, and thus summoned Saint Martin, who

Auronzo and the Somadida Forest

Like many other places in the province of Belluno, Auronzo was ruled by the Serenissima (Republic of Venice), which exploited the Somadida Forest as a reserve of high-quality wood for the

Brief history of Belluno

The city was founded in the 220 b.C. Soon it became a strategic toman military center and due to its geografic position the municipium Bellunum became an inexpugnable stronghold, especially

Calalzo, An hamlet with an ancient history

Calalzo is an ancient hamlet, as proved by the 2500 years old archaeological finds of Lagole. Around 500 B.C. here rose a temple, and its bronze statues and inscriptions are now kept in the


Carving skis are called parabolic skis: they are shaped, in other words, they are wide at the ends and with a narrow width in the middle. They were first developed in the 90s and feature

Circolo Golf Miramonti Cortina

Address: Via Peziè, 104/A


Province: BL

Altitude: mt 1224

Green: 6 holes

Facilities: driving range, putting green, cart rental, pro-shop, refreshment


Skiboarding is a winter sport using very short skis (usually shorter than 100 cm), whose size and shape is similar to small snowboards. This discipline combines elements of skating,

Ski mountaineering on the Marmolada

The ski mountaineering routes of the Marmolada are quite spectacular and reach altitudes from where you can enjoy breathtaking views: an endless expanse of pinnacles and mountain peaks

Sports nutrition: practical advice

1. Breakfast is very important and should provide at least 20% of the total daily amount of calories. It should be composed mainly of carbohydrates, to restore the supplies of glycogen lost

Three Peaks of Lavaredo

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo, rising on the border between the northernmost section of the province of Belluno and the holiday region Three Peaks/3 Zinnen in the Dolomites, in South Tyrol, are