Curiosity and insights on the Dolomites of Trentino, South Tyrol, Bellunese and Friuli

The picnic areas in Agordino

Picnic areas in Agordino:

Municipality of Canale d'Agordo
Place: Campion and Pian di Giare
Tel: +39 0437 590250
Opening time: from June 15 to September 15
Accessible by bus: yes
Restrooms: no Bar:

Ski Mountaineering in Agordino

From Agordo and its surroundings you can reach many mountain groups with your climbing skins and ski mountaineering skis. One of these are the Pale di San Martino: take the Rosetta cableway

Climbing on Pelmo

Val Fiorentina - in this valley, surrounded by Pelmo, one could eventually decide to climb the same Pelmo along the N wall, Via Simon Rossi: a classic but strict way, 850 m, V+; if you stay at

Climbing on Civetta

Civetta group - we are in the "kingdom of the VIth degree": weren't the ways on the Zoldo slope enough, climbers can choose here among three base shelters, the famous Vazzolèr, Tissi, in front


It might be hard to believe, but bicycling on the ice has become a sport: snowbiking. It consists in getting up to full speed on snow-covered and well groomed tracks with a bicycle to which

Horse-drawn sleighs

The horse-drawn sleigh is one of the oldest transport mean of the Nordic lands. Nowadays, it allows a romantic experience, spending some hours relaxing, wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by

Snow shoes (ciaspole)

Snowshoeing is so much more than simply hiking. It is much tiring and demands much effort, but is a thrilling adventure, especially as you finally reach the top and descend downhill, sliding.

Ice polo

Ice polo is a variant of traditional polo, a team sport played on horseback, with players driving a small ball towards the opposing team's goal striking it with a bamboo stick. Teams are


Curling is team sport played on a ice surface called curling sheet with a target at each end of the sheet. Each team is composed by four players, sliding heavy round polished granite stones


Snowmobile was created as a transport mean on the snow. It is provided with two skis at the front and tracks at the rear. Nowadays it is largely used for tours in the mountains, since it

Ice skating on the Dolomites

Ice skating is a sport consisting in gliding on ice wearing special shoes with blades. It can be performed outdoor, on frozen lakes or rivers (this is more common in Northern lands, where ice

Skijoring on the Dolomites

Skijoring is a winter sport in which a cross-country skier is pulled by one or more dogs, by a horse or a motorized vehicle such as a snowmobile. The equipment normally includes skis, reins or



Piancavallo is a lovely village and administrative division of the municipality of Aviano. It is located in a sunny hollow at an altitude of about 1,300 meters in the province of Pordenone, in

Coldrano Castle

The spectacular Castel Coldrano rises in the homonymous village of Coldrano, near Laces, in Val Venosta, in a quiet and sunny position, among vineyards and orchards. Castel Coldrano is

Snow tubing

Snow tubing is a new and exciting way to have fun on the snow, and doesn't require any particular equipment. It is similar to sledding, and simulates a rafting descent. People descend sitting