Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park

This huge park rises west of the Abtei/Badia Valley, and goes on until the Hohlenstein/Landro valley: together with the neighbouring Ampezzo Park it makes up one of the most extensive protected areas in the Alps.
Not only is this park deeply linked with the most celebrated legends of the Fànes people, but it also teems with wildlife: for instance, chamois herds are very easy to observe.

Many are the starting points for a visit within its borders: in the Abtei valley, St. Kassian, Stern, Pedratches, and Wengen; further North, St. Vigil in Enneberg, Olang, Welsberg, Niederdorf and Toblach; also Cortina can be selected as an useful starting point. From St. Vigil, and from Cortina, during the summer there are convenient jeep shuttle services bringing the visitor uphill, to the many mountain huts.
Each of the mountain included in the park is a duly attraction, especially the Ciaval, the Hohe Gaisl, the Seekofel and the Durrenstein; in the Cunturines group one should also name the "ursus spelaeus" cave, where the bones of this giant prehistorical bear were recently discovered (the bones are exhibited in a small museum at St. Kassian).

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