Ampezzo Dolomites Regional Park

These mountains North of Cortina have been declared protected by the Veneto Region since 1990: peculiarly enough, the management of the park rests within the ancient associations of the local forest owners, the "Regole" (indeed, the Park offices are in the centre of Cortina, in the House of the Regole, where also a little museum is hosted). It borders with the Fànes Park.
Therefore, not only Cortina, or San Vito cab are selected as starting points, but also the villages in the Abtei and Pustertal: many are the mountain huts, the well tended paths.
From Fiàmes a shuttle service brings up to Ra Stua, close enough to the vast Sènnes and Fòsses plateaus. The best observation point is surely the Seekofel peak, from where one enjoys a breathtaking view over the Pragser (Lago di Bràies) Lake.