The fossils of Monte Baldo in Rovereto

The whole area of Rovereto, and in particular the plateau of Brentonico and the northern side of Mount Baldo chain, are very interesting from the point of view palaeontology.

In the area of the Lavini di Marco, south of Rovereto, among the limestone boulders it is still possible to admire the tracks that 200 million years ago, in the Jurassic period, big carnivorous and herbivorous animals had left.
Trentino territory, and the Dolomites in general, was then a wide sea crossed by long stretches of land along which the big reptiles left their footprints.
The steps of the dinosaurs had been impressed into the mud which turned into hard limestone with the passing of times.
The City Museum in Rovereto, which has dedicated a great area to the finding of these tracks and offer a full-scale reproduction of the dinosaurs, organizes guided tours to the Dinosaurs Trails.