The museums of the Garden of South Tyrol

Among the museums in South Tyrol, the most famous is certainly the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano. Here, in fact, in an interesting itinerary through 15000 years of history it is possible to see the ages of Stone, Cupper, Bronze, Iron, the Roman period, till Charlemagne (800 A.D.). Moreover, within the museum there is the mummy of Ötzi, "the man of the ice", found among the Similaun glaciers where he died more than 5400 years ago. Geology, on the contrary, is the subject of the Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences, always in Bolzano. In the building that in the XVI century was the residence of the emperor Maximilian, it is nowadays possible to see the geology of the territory and the anthropization of the landscape and the tracks of human settlements.
In the whole area of Lower Atesina there are many museums which testimony the life and works of men and their territory.

Certainly the museum that most describes a rich land as the Garden of South Tyrol is, is the South Tyrolean Wine Museum in Caldaro. Here all the tools and instruments used in the wine production process are collected, from the "Torggeln", to the presses, to the different containers, including also the different tools used in the grape harvest.
The Castel Moos-Schulthaus in Appiano, is dedicated to the culture of houses and medieval furnishing.
In the Museum of popular culture in Egna it is possible to admire medieval objects once used in furnishing houses, and in Aldino, in the main square of the town, from May till October, it is possible to see the Museum of the Village.

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