The Gardens of Sissi: summary for the 2016 season

The Gardens of Sissi at Merano have concluded yet another grand 2016 Spring/Summer season. Trauttmansdorff Castle, with its floral botanical gardens, has confirmed itself once again as the number one destination in Alto Adige.

The 2016 season saw the second most visitors ever, with 415,000 people entering through its gates. May, August, and November were the months that saw the most visitors, with a daily average of about 1700 guests.

Contributing to this outstanding success were many collateral events organized within the frame of the floral park of Merano. Recently the Gardens inaugurated a themed area – the Lover’s Garden – which engaged the public even further.

Now, however, it is time for the winter closure. The Gardens of Sissi will reopen on April 1, 2017.