Roots menu at the Gardens of Sissi - Merano

The Gardens of Sissi won't just delight botanists and amateurs with its extensive events program; this time the new feature of the 2012 season will also win over gourmets with the exquisite Roots Menu, a series of healthy specialties prepared using roots and bulbs and presented by Schlossgarten restaurant chef Markus Ebner (winner of the Premio Godio) during the temporary exhibition Root, Bulb & Co. A Hidden World of Wonder.

Soups, side dishes, desserts, and salads of potatoes, turnips, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, onions and cabbage, recipes influenced by the delicious South Tyrolean tradition. Guests will have the chance to try and enjoy these new flavors every Friday night of June, July and August from 6 to 11 pm, during the events of Dinnertime at Trauttmansdorff.

Among the other events completing this year's offer at the Gardens of Sissi, the classic Breakfast at Sissi's, taking place every Sunday of June and the first of July on Sissi's terrace, and the World Music Festival (7/6-12/7-26/7-2/8-16/8), with the performance, among others, by important artists such as Edoardo Bennato and Noa.

Have a look at the wonderful world of the Gardens of Sissi!