Temporary exhibition at the Gardens of Sissi: Root, Bulb & Co.

Merano, April 1, the seasonal opening of the Gardens of Sissi marked also the opening of the new temporary exhibition Root, Bulb & Co. A Hidden World of Wonder, hosted in the castle and in different locations of the gardens. After last season's big success of The Botanical Underworld, this year the exhibition returns on the theme of the world below the ground, a journey to the discovery of what is not visible on the surface and lays underground. This interactive and multi-sensory exhibition, presented in three languages, will lead the visitor to the discovery of the characteristics and properties of bulbs and roots such as potatoes, carrots, turnips, horseradish, ginger and ginseng. For those who would like further information on the theme, expert guides will describe in detail the underground world.

In the same period you can visit also the exhibition The Botanical Underworld, opened last year to celebrate the decennial of the Gardens: an underground multimedia trail leading to the discovery of what grows beneath.

Moreover, the charming Schlossgarten restaurant, situated inside the gardens, offers to its guests the Roots Menu, with bulbs and roots as main ingredients.

Besides this interesting exhibition, during this season the Gardens will host many important events: on Sunday, April 28, conference on ginseng held by Gesine Wischmann, German expert who will describe the history and properties of this root; on Saturday, July 14, workshop Roots and Colors; and on Saturday, October 20, Siegfried de Rachewiltz, famous lord of a castle and grandson of Ezra Pound, will present his ideas on the value of potato in South Tyrolean rural culture.

For more information on the exhibition and all the offers of the Gardens of Sissi see this page!