Grand re-opening of the Gardens of Sissi

04 April 2012

The grand re-opening of the Gardens of Sissi, on Sunday, April 1, had an excellent response in terms of visitors. The number of people coming to Merano to admire this imposing natural amphitheater, appreciated by visitors from all around the world, was far over 2,500. This time visitors got the chance to admire the blossoming of 230,000 tulips and narcissi, and visit the new temporary exhibition (open until November 15) Root, Bulb & Co. A Hidden World of Wonder.

The Gardens of Sissi represent a great attraction thanks also to the many events they host and to the unique combination of nature, art and culture. In April and May there will be in fact an extensive program, including: on Friday, April 27, at 4 pm, guided visit to the temporary exhibition with Karin Kompatscher, the person in charge of the exhibition; on Saturday, April 28, at 4 pm, conference on the healing properties of ginseng, with Gesine Wischmann; on Saturday, May 5, concert of 13 choruses; and on Thursday, May 24, official presentation of a new type of rose, the Trauttmansdorff Rose.

If you want to know more about the Gardens of Sissi, have a look at this page!

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