Luserna, the Cymbrian island in Trentino

You love history but you don't want to go without hikes? Luserna is the right compromise for you. This is a small tourist resort preserving ancient traditions. Luserna is in fact the last Cymbrian ethnic and linguistic island of the Alps, where this language is currently spoken and the traditions are still alive. This centuries old culture is visible in the houses, in the roads and in the job of the stonemasons who, today as yesterday, cut and prepare stone for buildings.

The Documentation Center and the Cymbrian Institute will give you precious information on the Cymbrian culture, and in the center of the town you will find Haus von Prükk, a typical Cymbrian house of the '800. You can discover this world also walking along the Sentiero dell'immaginario, a route inspired to the many local legends, or trying the famous Cymbrian dishes. The town and its surroundings offer other interesting cultural and historical sites, like the art gallery and the fortresses of Forte Lusern, Forte Buse Verle and Forte Cima Vezzena, proof of the bloody battles that here took place.

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