Vie Ferrate: Schiara



Height difference:

1750 m



Ferrata Zacchi - Ferrata Berti

Max.altitude: 2320/2565 m
Difficulty: difficult
Starting point: Case Bortot, north of Belluno.
Possible stops: Settimo Alpini Refuge (1490 m)
Differences in height: 1750 m
Duration: 8.30/9 hours

The start of the Zacchi route is situated at the foot of the southern flank of the Schiara. A gorge and a terrace follow the first part, which is equipped with ladders and ropes. On approaching the Cengia Zacchi, exposition is remarkable. The Cengia allows a horizontal leftward traversing - highly exposed - that takes to the Forcella della Gusela and the Dalla Bernardina hut (2320 m). The Ferrata Zacchi ends there. You can go back to the Settimo Alpini Refuge along the Sperti trail. However, reaching the summit of the Schiara along the Ferrata Berti is much more exciting. This combination is wonderful and it can be performed until late autumn. Equipment was renovated in 1992.
The Ferrata del Marmol is the normal route to follow for the descent. Although this route is not particularly difficult, it is quite long and requires a good deal of experience and care. From the summit of the Schiara, head northeastward along the crest to the Forcella del Marmol. Now turn southeastward and follow directions.