Ferrata Tissi


Very difficult

Height difference:

1300 m



Min altitude:

683 m

Max altitude:

2984 m

According to the departure point you choose, you will follow different routes. However, they will all meet in the path n.558 to Van delle Sasse, where the Ferrata Tissi starts. The ascent takes to the north-eastern part of the cirque, where the new route starts - it is equipped with no less than 500 m of ropes and 160 fixings. This route follows the old itinerary opened by Giovanni Angelini and Franco Vienna in 1931. This part of the climb is really difficult, as the ascent is sometimes vertical. This safeguarded climb ends at the Torrani Hut, but you can also go on along the normal route that takes to the summit of the Civetta.

Descent: from the Torrani Hut, follow the Piovanel normal route, getting to the bottom of the eastern rock flank.

Max. altitude: 2984 m
Difficulty: very difficult

1. Church of Zoldo Alto (1252 m), main road 347, few km south of the Passo Duran
2. Palafavera (1507 m), main road 251, few km north of Pecol di Zoldo Alto
3. Listolade (683 m), main road 203, north of Agordo

Possible stops: Sonino al Coldai Hut, Vazzoler Hut at Col Negro di Pelsa.
Differences in height: from the Vazzoler Hut to the Torrani Hut 1300 m