Via Ferrata Olivieri - Ferrata alla Tofana di Mezzo



Max. altitude: 3243 m
Difficulty: respectively difficult and average. The Variante Aglio alla Tofana di Mezzo is a very demanding section.
Departure: Passo Falzarego (2105 m), main road 48, Cortina d'Ampezzo.
Possible stops: Dibona Refuge (2405 m), Duca D'Aosta Refuge (2098 m), Pomedes Refuge (2280 m).
Differences in height: Pomedes-Punta Anna Refuge, 450 m ca; Tofana di Mezzo 1200 m ca.
Time: 5.30/6 hours

The Ferrata Olivieri starts at the foot of Punta Anna. The ascent is not easy, as it is steep and exposed. Once at the top of Punta Anna (2731 m) you can stop and follow the path to the Giussani Refuge. If you decide to go on, you will have to tackle a diagonal ascent at the end of which there is a fork: if you turn right, you go down to the middle station of the Freccia del Cielo-Ra Valles cableway. If you turn left, you go up to the ridge taking to the Tofana di Mezzo. On the ridge, you have another two options. If you do not want to follow the normal westward route, you can choose the so-called Variante Aglio, which is very short but also very demanding. Indeed, this section is thoroughly exposed. The last part of the route consists of an ascent to the Tofana di Mezzo - quite long, but not particularly difficult.
Those who can boast a very good physical condition can descend along the Ferrata Formenton alla Tofana di Dentro. By the way, there is also the opportunity to go back directly to Cortina by cablecar.