The Latemar and the pisa tower

Catch the cableway 1 km from Predazzo (on the way to Moena) and reach Gardonè. Close by, not far away from the cableway station, there is a chair lift that leads to Passo Feodo, 2200 metres. Then, our hike begins: lower down you see the verdant slopes of the Pampeago Alps, in front of you the south-west slope of the Latemar chain; a little refuge is situated on the top.

The ascent is a bit hard if you are not well trained - however, the view you enjoy at your arrival is worth an effort. As soon as you get to the Torre di Pisa Hut (2670 metres), the Latemar chain looms in front of you - its peaks look like the ruins of an ancient rocky castle (among them, you can also discern the so called "torre di Pisa", i.e. "Pisa tower", as its silhouette makes it similar to the famous monument).

All around you see the sharp crests of the Lagorai, the Pale di S. Martino and the Marmolada in the distance. You can also leave the Torre di Pisa Hut, cross the Latemar tableland and reach the Campanili col.

Walking for 1 hour (only one way) on a flat path at the foot of rocky faces and towers moulded by erosion phenomena, you get to a col that offers a beautiful view on the Catinaccio and Val d'Ega.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 02:00 hours
Difference in altitude: 500 m
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