Valle di San Nicolò and the Marmolada Group




1 km

Height difference:

400 m



Take the road that leaves from Pozza di Fassa and leads to Valle dei

Monzoni. When you get to the junction by a little church continue left

following the signs to Valle S. Nicolò and drive to Ciampiè Hut, just

before you find a car park. Here our hike starts. In this wide and sunny

valley there are nice huts, while in the background you see the rocky

Costabella crest, Cima Uomo and the triangular Col Ombert.

After a

45 min. walk you reach the Cascate Hut; stop for a while before climbing

to the Refuge Passo S. Nicolò (2300 metres). It takes about 1 hour.

What an enchanting view on the Marmolada group! Further on you can see

the Sella group (in the north) and the Catinaccio (in the west).