The Val Venegia, Pale of S. Martino and Baita Segantini




16 km

Height difference:

586 m



Min altitude:

1677 m

Max altitude:

2181 m

MTB tour at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, in the heart of the Paneveggio Natural Park (Trentino).

Take the road from San Martino di Castrozza to Passo Rolle. Past Paneveggio turn left and follow the sign to Passo Valles. After a few km you find a well-trodden road on the right - you can drive for about 1 km, as long as you reach the hut called Malga Venegia. If you arrive from Falcade, get over Passo Valles and continue straight on as long as you meet the signs and you find the Val Venegia - the trodden road on the left.

Park your car. Here the hike starts. The valley becomes wider and wider, the green pastures contrast with the grey faces of the Pale di S.Martino. The brook Travignolo runs quickly in the opposite direction. 35 min. later, the track becomes nearly flat and you get to the Malga Venegiota, where you can stop and try some local dishes. Then the track climbs steeply and continues to the pinewood. A bit further on you meet Pian della Vezzana. This tableland is situated at the foot of the Pale: Bureloni, Vezzana and Cimon della Pala. The way continues on the opposite slope and leads to a col.

Here you find a nice hut, on the shore of a little lake: this is Segantini Hut, our destination. You can easily reach the Segantini Hut from Passo Rolle - following the trodden road for 3 km.