Sottoguda with its Serrai

One of the most famous itineraries through a deep gorge to discover a fascinating and beautiful landscape.

The starting point is the Sottoguda chapel, that overlooks a nice little square surrounded by old rustic barns.

Follow the street that slowly reaches a narrow 2-km-long gully with sheer faces, preceding the lush basin of Malga Ciapela. On the left you see some tunnels dug in the rock, dating back to the First World War.

Continue and shortly after, on the left, you find a little inlet: here the rocks form a niche, which contains a sacred statue representing Our Lady, the so-called "Virgin of the Serrai", placed here in 1987, during the celebrations for the year of Mary.

Later on the ravine widens and on the right there is a chapel consecrated to St. Antony: the statue on the altar, indeed, represents this saint. This chapel is ancient, had been built before 1880 and in 1934 was named after the fallen of the First World War.

Let's go on as distant as we get to a low waterfall, the last one formed by the brook Ru Franzei before meeting the stream Pettorina.

Here the valley becomes wider and wider and one can make the Marmolada di Serauta out - that means the destination is very close. Photos by Dario Fontanive.

  • Starting point 1258 m.
  • Arrival 1449 m. (maximum altitude)
Difficulty: Easy
Max Altitude: 1449
Duration: 02:00 hours