Costa Legner




12 km

Height difference:

340 m



Starting point: Nevegal place  
Lenght:12 km  
Duration: 1-1,30 hours  
Difficulty: binding  
Difference in height: 340 m  
Comments: very interesting for the changing of scenery and track  

From the Nevegal place, near the hut of the Ski School, enter the road on the right, and then turn left few about ten metres ahead, and then again right at the crossing. Here an asphalted stretch start and for its climb a little commitment is required; continue along the excavated road, till you reach the Ristoro "Da Giuliano".
Continue straight ahead till you go beyond the barrier and go forward "Costa Legnèr", in a fir and larch wood. At the end of this road enter the evocative path on the left that will intersect the grassy mule track; now turn right and descend. Ahead ignore the diversion and continue paying attention.Once you reach the asphalted road turn right and right again at the crossing near the fountain: here you are at Caviole di Ronce. Continue towards the bridge, cross it and continue along the main road. Then at an asphalted hairpin bend, enter the excavated road. Few steps ahead you will reach a crossing: climb on the right, and, past the little plateau turn right again entering the fir wood. At the crossing turn left and then continue straight ahead until you reach the new church and the asphalted road. Turn right to end your journey.